Meet the team

meet the ground team

The team in Uganda is the reason operations run safe and smooth, and are the driving force behind our children's education.

Mr. Alexander Oboi


mr. agwaru joseph

head teacher

mr. nagwere missi

top class teacher

mr. mubala philip

primary 5 teacher

mr. isaac ganyante

middle class teacher

mr. mugalya bernard

primary 6 teacher

ms. fatuma namajja

primary 3 teacher

ms. logose faith

school nurse

mr. sulait wasswa

primary 4 teacher

ms. gladys musibiha

primary 2 teacher

ms. kasha sarah

baby class teacher

ms. nankoma ketty

primary 2/3 teacher

mr. joseph sisye

medical clinic janitor

ms. juliet baluka

primary 1 teacher

meet the board

Our board members bring their background and expertise to help run The Somero Project.  As voluteers ourselves, we not only make decisions for Somero, we carry out the actions.

becky olson

president, co founder

craig conover

secretary, co founder

sausha knott

director of marketing

hannah sullivan


andrea farred

board member

kristen bergerson

board member

our story

where it all began

In 2008, Craig Conover began supporting a small village in Uganda named Kotolo. Craig had an established friendship with Alexander Oboi, a local Ugandan. Alex and his mother Susan Mary asked Craig to pay for the construction of a primary school in Kotolo, because there was no local school. The closest public school was several miles away, and the children in Kotolo had to walk on foot to attend.


Craig had the idea to fund the school through asking for financial support and in turn would train and run marathons. He created “26 for Africa” – the ‘26’ represented 26 miles in a marathon. Craig was also simultaneously working full time, and was funding the majority of the school construction & teacher salaries (4 teachers to start) in phases out of his 401(K) retirement plan. Unfortunately, funding was few and far between, so Craig was funding everything for the school from 2008 to 2012 out of his own pocket. 


In 2012, Craig and his daughter Becky had a conversation that led to Becky taking control of the non-profit organization so that Craig was able to eventually retire. Becky got a group of her friends together, formed a Board of Directors, changed the name from “26 to Africa” to “The Somero Project,” and started a sponsorship program to generate funding. The idea of sponsorship was to partner a student and a sponsor, putting a real name and face to the sponsor’s $25 monthly donation. 

throughout the years

In the years since The Somero Project was established, we have accomplished a number of exciting projects in Kotolo.

2008 – Original school block construction (4 classrooms)

2012 – Expansion of additional classrooms added on to original school block

2014/2015 – Construction of second school block (4 classrooms)

2014/2015 – Construction of rain-water catch system to catch rainwater in a large storage container for use in the dry season

2017 – Construction of teacher housing and student dormitories

2017 – Construction of well in village near school to provide access to water

2019 – Construction of security wall surrounding campus 

2021 – Construction of medical clinic to meet basic needs of students and community members 

2021 – Construction of new full service bathrooms  

2022 – Classroom floors re-done due to damage from normal “wear and tear” 

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